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BriCie is an online singer/pianist that makes covers of original songs from Disney Productions, games, and animes. BriCie sometimes sings cover lyrics that is written by her best friend, Sapphy. Sapphy have also created her channel art and avatar.

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She has not revealed her face yet, but her avatar seems to have black hair, orange/brown/yellow eyes, and long hair with a pink-and-white bow. In her channel art, she has a dark red/pink headphones with white outlines and cord. BriCie is wearing a sky blue clothing, with pink wraps and a white neckline with what seems like a golden jewel between.

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BriCie states that she is a girly girl, and loves to sing. We believe she loves anime, due to the fact she has made tons of anime covers, and the amount of anime tweets she has on her Twitter. She is kind, and loves to inspire others into singing. BriCie seems to be a funny person.

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2016- BriCie reaches 10K Subs!

2016- BriCie reaches 6K Subs!

2016- BriCie reaches 5K Subs!

2016- BriCie 4K Subs!

2015- BriCie reaches 3K subscribers.

2015- BriCie reaches 2k Subs!

2014-BriCie starts YouTube

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BriCie states in her YouTube channel about herself,

"The name's Brianna/Bri but you can call me BriCie here! I'm nothing special, just a girly girl that loves to sing and loves Sylveon a little too much. With this channel, I hope I can inspire others and improve on my singing as time goes on! I mostly make English renditions of anime songs with my lyric writer/best friend Sapphy, who writes the lyrics for some of them. I also cover songs in Japanese as well as sing lyrics (original or not) for Video Game music! So, if you ever drop by, I hope you enjoy whatever I make! 
Icon & Channel Art were created by Sapphy // Background Repeating Art was created by cryptovolans

Thanks for stopping by!
With Love, Brianna (BriCie)"

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  • BriCie adores Sylveons (from a video game/anime called Pokémon).

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